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Title: Theoretical nerf gun making.
Post by: aamiller123 on April 16, 2008, 04:15:07 pm
Since many NERF guns we enjoy arn't made any more there are only a few left of each (e.g. xbow) some people have made nerf equivalents (e.g. +bow) but I plan to go a step farther, to make a nerf gun clone!
It would be easier than it sounds, first make a 75% sand 25% concrete mix, then place it in a large container, then take a part the nerf gun you wish to clone and press each part into the mixture, then take each part out carefully and let it dry. Then (somehow) pour molten plastic into each mold then assemble the clone gun and keep the mold for future use. Currently there are a few problems:

  How to get molten plastic.
  How to get the interal parts of the shell.
  How to make the shell parts not solid (by this I mean I mean when you pour the plastic in the mold how not to mae it settle)

              Thanks please post suggestions.