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Title: (Real) Bows and Arrows
Post by: nerfingnoob on August 04, 2007, 06:23:00 pm
If you read the shout box recently, then you know what is happening. If you find any good websites, books, or anything that can help me in my quest (nerdy) to become a good archer/hunter with a bow then post it here. Any help is appreciated and welcomed.

Title: Re: (Real) Bows and Arrows
Post by: ShadowHunterAlpha on August 04, 2007, 10:51:26 pm
Try these links.
(This one has a link to their list of recommended books for beginners.)
(Very extensive site. You do not need to view all the links, but some you will see and find to be extremely useful. Turn your speakers down, as this site's home page has an audio track. Gradually turn the volume up until it is comfortable rather than let it blast you at first.)
(This is the Archer's Dictionary from the above link, very useful and extensive.)

I personally recommend getting a compound bow, since they are built for accuracy and do not need to be nocked down after use. However, you may have different preferences. It's up to you. Good luck.

Title: Re: (Real) Bows and Arrows
Post by: Deaddumpster on August 04, 2007, 11:14:11 pm
Hmm, I read the shout box and saw it coming from a mile away. I've actually been trying to get my hands on a bow for a few years now, I've used bows before and realized I'm a good archer so I figured I might as well get a bow and shoot things with it!

PS. I'd recommend a compound bow too, for the same reasons SHA stated above me.

Oh, and PPS. Bows can be fairly expensive if you want to get one that'll last a long time, make sure you've got enough for a durable bow and some arrows too.

Title: Re: (Real) Bows and Arrows
Post by: nerfingnoob on August 05, 2007, 10:23:53 am
Thanks a lot both of you. I need to take a class in Michigan before I can go hunting, I went to *censored*'s Sporting Goods yesterday and they are 300+ dollars from what I saw. We will need to make a good investment in two I guess. For now though, my PVC bow will have to do. Thanks for the links too.