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Title: Buzz Bee Big Blast (4B) Review
Post by: ShadowHunterAlpha on August 25, 2007, 08:54:03 pm
The Buzz Bee Big Blast is an air-powered, “rocket” launching blaster produced by Buzz Bee. To be blunt, most non-Hasbro Nerf-based products aren’t worth the time or money to pick up compared to their counterparts. This gun, however, is different. With the two included rockets, the Big Blast (also known as the 4B for Buzz Bee Big Blast) can achieve ranges of about 30 feet. It is similar in design and function to the Lanard Blast Bazooka, or LBB, but it is a much more reliable, durable, and comfortable gun overall. A steel firing pin, instead of the plastic one used by the LBB, is used to dump the tank. More ergonomic grips provide comfort while shooting. The internals are also not glued down, making this gun very easy to modify and field strip. Notable downfalls, however, are the orange ring on the muzzle of the gun (which is glued on in a meager attempt to thwart modders, and is easily removed via claw hammer or flatbed screwdriver) and the weak trigger that is characteristic of guns that fire by pulling a valve in against the pressure in the air tank. These, however, can be easily remedied and then overlooked to see the true potential that this blaster has.

The Buzz Bee Big Blast, while still new in box.

Range: 5/10
(Although it has a great amount of power, it is difficult to propel the large foam rocket over a distance that it could be useful.)
Accuracy: 4/10
(Due to the weight of the projectile, it has a much different trajectory than other weapons. The gun must be angled correctly in order to hit a target, and when aiming at a moving mark, it is not easy for most people to make the shot. It is, however, more accurate than most other guns firing large projectiles, due to the immense amount of power produced  by the stored air pressure.)
Rate of Fire: 2/10
(After each shot, the gun must be pumped about ten times or more to allow for maximum power with the over pressure release valve (OPRV) still in place. The user must also slide another rocket over the tube launch tube, which is made more difficult because this tube is concealed within the large area above the horizontal fore-grip.)
Muzzle Velocity: 6/10
(The rockets leave the muzzle traveling at a slower speed than darts, but still have considerable velocity and stopping power for a stock weapon.)
Manageability: 8/10
(The Big Blast is actually very compact compared to other or rocket firing guns, and the grips are more comfortable than its counterparts’. In addition, the pump can be used as a stock while firing from the shoulder.)
Usability in a War: 3/10
(The projectiles' trajectory, the size of the round, and the low range make this gun impractical to use in an outdoor war. However, indoor wars in areas such as basements are acceptable, since the Big Blast’s muzzle velocity is actually very good for its class.)
Modification Potential: 10/10
(This gun becomes a force to be reckoned with once modified, and if fitted with a breach, it can be even deadlier.)
Total: 38/70

The Big Blast after being fitted with a coupler-removable CPVC barrel. Photo courtesy of CaptainSlug of NerfHaven. Write-up is available here: CS's mod (

Range: 10/10
(The Big Blast’s air tank can hold an incredible volume of air, allowing it to achieve ranges easily above 130 feet while parallel to the ground.)
Accuracy: 10/10
(The power of this weapon guarantees that the dart will go where the barrel is pointing).
Rate of Fire: 7/10
(With a coupler, the gun can attain high rates of fire. If a breach is added, the ROF is increased even more. The pumping time, however, brings this score down.)
Muzzle Velocity: 10/10
(Due to the drastically different masses of darts and rockets, the dart leaves the barrel at incredibly high speeds, and carries enormous stopping power.)
Manageablility: 8/10
(With a CPVC barrel, the overall length of the gun is increased by a few inches, but it is still very maneuverable.)
Usability in a War: 9/10
(This weapon, after modification, excels in long and medium-range engagements, but its power makes it a very poor choice for close quarters.)
Ease of Use: 10/10
(The Big Blast is a very reliable and accurate gun after modification, and can be easily mastered by any new player in a few minutes.)
Total: 64/70

Conclusion: The Big Blast is an extremely accurate, reliable, and powerful gun. Costing only $10, it is commonly found at K-Mart, and is well worth the money and time invested in modifying. This is one of the superior additions to any air-powered arsenal, and any collection in general.