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Title: SMANO
Post by: Tragonan on November 18, 2007, 08:40:56 pm
Southern Maine Area Nerf Outing
Rolls of the tongue, eh?
Thought I'd put it out there, and I know it's sudden, but a couple of us from FU are planning a war for the 24th, this saturday. Just bring as many darts as you can, and all your guns. It'll most likely be starting at 11. Bring lunch, 'cause I don't think that there are many places around. I'll put the location up when it's decided, and I'll update frequently.

Edit: Update for Rounds
Show up at 10:30
Start war at 11:00
Few rounds of 3/15 for a bit
Quick round of Pistols
-Lunch at 1:00-1:45 or so-
Another round of Pistols, Dual Wield
Iron Man
Possibility of Capture the Flag, or Dogdge-ball nerf style, voting
End with a last round of 3/15 or Pistols, again a vote

Sounds like a full day. After a lengthy discussion, that's what we've come up with. Between us we'll have around 300 darts or so. We're going to outlaw the Titan, and the Sm5k, but you can bring it, we might change our minds. I'm bringing like, 2-3 kids.

Title: Re: SMANO
Post by: Aguineapig on November 18, 2007, 09:29:19 pm
As told on nerfhaven, i will be attending with 4ish.

Also, i'm pretty sure there are some place to get food around acton.