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December 05, 2022, 02:08:51 pm
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Lanard Blast Bazooka

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Author Topic: Lanard Blast Bazooka  (Read 3300 times)
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« on: April 18, 2007, 07:31:21 pm »

Here is how to plug the pump without a dremel. Go here if you have a dremel because its made for people with dremels.

1) Open it up and look at the tail end of the gun where the handle and pump are. Focus on this thing because thats where the pump is hiding.

2) Turn your hot glue gun up to the maximum heat and let it get to its maximum heat before starting. Any lower and it wont do much. Then, start melting about 1mm down into the plastic, not to deep to make a hole but enough to weaken the bond. Once you make your way, slowly, around start wiggling and pulling on the thing like it was a loose tooth. Don't pull to hard or it could break. Before and Afters.

After (you pull the "tooth" out)

(sorry for the crappy pictures. I hate my camera.)

3) There should be 4 holes around the blue rod near the top. Plug those with a dab of glue. I think those are the saftey things that dont let you over expand it. I could be wrong.

(same picture i know, but its the best one i got.)
4) Go to the top where the gray circle thing is. Take some hot glue and fill it all up except for the 2 holes on the very end. The yellow circles are what you should leave open. If you cover it up by mistake i guess you could just put the nozzle close to the glue and unmelt it. You might need to burn your finger getting it out. I lost the feeling in my thumb and my index finger from so many burns.

5) All done. Put it back together, and you may need to hot glue to "tooth" back on if it wont stay. I just needed to put 3 dabs for it to stick, then wrapped it in Electrical tape to be safe. If you did it right you should feel it get super hard to push after 10-15 pumps. I wont have ranges for awhile, my mom doesn't want me going and shooting in my street after what happened this week.

Questions or comments should be answered on here. If i don't see them, you can PM me. Thanks.

(any help on how to resize pictures would be greatly appreciated.)

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